MCCARD clothing is comfortable and fashionable apparel line for cancer patients during treatment. Pieces provide easy chest access, particularly for those who have a chest port, central line, Hickman catheter, Portacath or CVAD (central vascular access device).

Our Story

As caregivers for their mothers during cancer treatment, Matt McCarrick and Sarah Ardalani understood a patient's need for port-accessible clothing. After much research, the husband-and-wife team embarked on a journey through the Los Angeles Fashion District to realize a vision of suitable patient apparel.

Following months of creating samples and testing the softest of fabrics, the duo settled on two t-shirt styles. Once the couple produced a small sample line, they partnered with world-renowned hospital, City of Hope, to assess whether the t-shirts actually met patients' needs.

Through the hospital's Positive Image Center, the pair donated dozens of tanks and long sleeve t-shirts and surveyed patient feedback. Responses were overwhelmingly positive. Patients wanted more. Matt and Sarah knew they had to move forward and create the apparel line. 

Established in 2018, MCCARD provides clothing basics for patients with a central vascular access device. Offering two distinct t-shirt styles and a sweatshirt, the pieces are functional and fashionable clothing options during treatment.